Monday, July 27, 2009

You're the line in the sand when I go to far.

My dad often tells me, "we're just so out of it." He says this referring to my mom's death and the time that has past since. We find our selves questioning the events that occured right after her death and which family members were around. We do silly, weird things and don't remember doing them. We often forget that my mom is actually gone, and we refer to her doing things in the present tense. And the other day I was thinking about it, and maybe it's just an answer to our prayers. I've heard before that if God brings you to it, he'll get you through it. I think this is true. Before the death of my mom I never thought I could handle the loss of one of my parents. But now that she is gone (in Heaven), we are making it through it. We're kind of in a fog, a twilight zone, we are just "out of it." It is still tough, I'm not saying that it's not. But we are making it, we're still alive and we haven't given up. I know that a lot of people have prayed for us, and for that I am grateful. Without the help of God, we would be enduring an endless struggle. We are put in this fog, to make it through. Please continue to pray for my dad, as this is so very tough for him. Pray for him to find joy in life again, that's what he needs.

Let me tell you a story.
**Every night I pray for my dad. One night in particular I prayed for my dad to find joy in life, and to find something that he could look forward to. The very next night while Jerry, my dad and I were having dinner my dad said, "We need to find a place where Jerry can open a shop." (I had just stated using recipes to cook things I had never cooked before.) And then he said, "And Colie, you can cook for the people while they wait for their cars." And then with so much excitement he said, "We'll call it Wheels and Grill!" He continued to talk about it the rest of the night. He talked about what food he would want to serve and where the shop location would be. We sat at the dinner table talking about 'Wheels and Grill,' for over an hour, and still to this day he talks about opening it. And I am confident that someday it will happen. :) Truly an answer to my prayer. **

In other news:
*Jerry and I played Phase Ten with his family Friday night.
*We watched Bart, Rani and the rest of the family float the river Saturday.
*My dad, Jerry and I went to the Josh Turner Concert, it was good. :)
*My Aunt Kim and cousins are coming this weekend.
*The Bug gets a new windsheild Wednesday!

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