Thursday, September 30, 2010

Just another ordinary day.

To my dismay Jerry informed me this morning at 6:57 that I had a meeting at 8. What would I do without him? His memory may fail him at times, but he remembers the important stuff.

I took a shower, got ready and headed to campus for a Golden Key Honour Society Meeting.

As I walked from the parking lot (one I won't get a ticket in), to the education building I hurried, as I was already late. Everyday I dread the hike up the hill and up to the 3rd floor of the education building, and today I had to do it twice.

As I walked up the hill mountain....I noticed that the sun was just coming over the mountain. It was probably about 70 degrees and I looked at the changing colors up on the mountain. I decided to take a picture, I waited until no one was on the sidewalk in front of me. I didn't want anyone thinking I was taking their picture after all. And here it is...

I would have to say, Weber State is a beautiful campus, and if my tuition is worth a penny over what I think I [[should]] have to pay for classes, at least I get a beautiful view.
And uhm...does that look a hike or what?? The building I go to is just past the stop light on the right. And the parking lot that I park at is probably a 1/4 of mile behind where this picture was taken.
Also, just to inform you....I decided to cross the street right after I took this picture. As I crossed a car came flying out of no where, (I probably should have crossed at the light, I know) I hurried and ran the rest of the way...where I ran into the Coke man. Don't worry, I excused my self and made it to my meeting...just slightly late. :)

So this Education classes are on the third floor, and man, that is a lot of stinkin' stairs...especially when you go in the basement doors....which makes it climbing to the 4th floor. Okay, I know I'm complaining, but do you ever just feel like if you give in and take the elevator, people will just assume you are a lazy person? Because if I did take the elevator, I think I would have to wear a sign around my neck that says, "I'm not lazy, you should see the mountain I just hiked!" Haha, maybe I'll try that. :)

Well, the rest of my day was pretty average. Tomorrow is Friday, I am going to meet the 1st grade class that I will be teaching for 2 weeks. I have another meeting, and some chores are calling my name. I am hoping to have time to make banana bread out of the black bananas that currently sit in my kitchen. My dad, Penny and Maddie will be here Saturday for a football game, and Maddie and I get to go swimming in the hotel swimming pool. It will be a good time.

Happy Weekend Everyone!

'Enjoy the little things in life. For one day you will look back and realize they were the big things.' -Robert Blunt

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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Just Enough Time To Say...

Hello my friends!

I hope that you find yourself happy and healthy this Tuesday at 11:52 am. I know that I sure am!

I started back at the Daycare last week, and so far, I'm loving it. :) I sure did miss those kiddos.

I'm getting excited that Fall is on it's way, and Halloween, Thanksgiving, Winter, Christmas and snowboarding are just around the corner. I hope we can all contain our excitement! :) And with Christmas comes another end to another semester!! :))

Although, I have to say, I'm going to miss my garden, our fresh peaches, tomatoes, grapes and so much more! I can't wait to have an even bigger garden next year!

Jerry and I got to go on a picnic last weekend. We had a lot of fun, and it's nice to spend time together....with nothing to worry about. :)

In one of my classes, we endured a Ropes Course, yesterday. My leg now has a pretty blue bruise from my mission over a 13 foot wall. :)

Well, that's all for now. I'm listening to a little Billy Joel...[[Vienna]] to be exact. :) And I'm headed to class. I will find out today what grade I will be teaching for 2 weeks in November.

Laugh Your Heart Out!

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My Dream

I'm ready to be a teacher already, at North Elementary Second grade please.

Let me tell you a little story.

When I was 5 years old, I went to Kindergarten orientation, they asked me to draw a stick figure. I had no idea what a stick figure was. After some explaining from my sweet mom, I quickly drew the best stick figure I possibly could. And that, was my very first memory of school. Well, outside of singing "I scream, you scream, we all scream for Ice Cream" in pre-school.

My love for school grew, thanks to my kindergarten teacher Ms. Rugger. I spent two years with Ms. Rugger, and for that I am so very thankful. I have had a great love for school since that day when I was 5 years old. Every year, I would get anxious for the new school year as my parents bought me school supplies. I would pack my school supplies in my backpack and I would take them out everyday and look at them until school started. I would smell my crayons, and make sure they were in perfect order within the little box. I would organize my pencil box and sharpen my pencils. I went everyday to Kindergarten, anxious to see my new best friend Ms. Rugger. I went home with stories about her everyday, and my mom even bought us best friend Micky Mouse necklaces, you know the kind that are a split heart and fit together, because we were the very best friends.

I continued my education, I went to first grade with Mrs. Thorpe, Second Grade with Mrs. Sharp, Third Grade with Mrs. Bowcutt,Fourth Grade with Mrs. Kaufman, and in Fifth Grade I had my first male teacher, Mr. Larson. I enjoyed everyday of school, except the day I had school after school for not completing my homework, and I came sobbing to the car when my mom picked me up. I promise you, I never forgot my homework again.

I knew at an early age that I wanted to be a teacher. I use to tell my mom that I wanted to be an art teacher. It was soon apparent that my art skills were not developing at a rate that I could be a graduate from an art program, but my love for education never subsided.

And here I am, in my 3rd year of college. I go to school everyday to learn how to teach. I just can't wait until the day that I am given the keys to my very own classroom, the day that I receive my first list of students who will be with me through out the day for an entire 8-9 months of their life. I can't wait until the day, that there is a student who might possibly be my best friend, or the one student that says, "You taught me."

And what about Ms. Rugger? She's a principal in Nevada. She recently created a Facebook, and I am so very glad to keep in close touch with her. When I was in 5th grade I had the opportunity to go visit her in Nevada. We still remain close friends, and if necessary I bet she would wear that Mickey Mouse necklace with me again. :)

On the day of my high school graduation, my fifth grade teacher told me that he would wait to retire until I had my teaching license so that I could take over his job. How great that would be.

As I go through college, I imagine what my life as a teacher will be. I always imagine North Elementary. Every time I'm in Evanston, and we drive past North, I tell Jerry, "Man, I just wanna work there." Because I honestly do, I can't imagine being a teacher anywhere else.

I realize that I am being a little unrealistic, but I know that God cares about our hopes and dreams, and wherever I get the chance to be a teacher will be the right place.

Here's to my last 3 semesters in college, I will make it the best, the very best.

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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Money, Money, Money

Why is it that our lives revolve around [money]?

We have names for people that have excess [money]....the rich...the wealthy, possibly the better off?

And those with lack of [money]...the poor...the less fortunate.

When we are born our parents have huge [expenses] for our birth, for our new life, our clothes, food and shelter.

These expenses continue until we reach a point in our life in which we can obtain our own job, and earn [money].

At time of our high school graduation we begin considering how we will enter the world as a fresh young adult. We then decide, will I enter the work force and begin a family? Will my job provide enough [money], for me to support a family?

Some of us choose to go to college, but in order to go to college, we are expected to make an investment in our self, this investment costs thousands of [dollars.] Some of us may decide that we do not have the [money] to pay for college, so we then take out loans. A loan, that we expect we will be able to pay back, with the [money] that we hope to make as a worker with a college degree.

From that point forward, we go to work in cars that we put gas in, using the [money] that we earn.

We have children, we buy houses, cars, entertainment systems and anything that we feel will make our life ((richer)).

We pay to get married.

We fight over money and possessions as we get a divorce.

We save. We earn. We spend. We donate. We waste.

We waste our life, over [money].

I realize that money is crucial to human survival at this point in America.

But what does it truly mean to be rich?

To me,

watching the sunset, as I sit on the beach with my family, that makes me rich.

Having a relationship with my dad, where I can tell him everything, that makes me rich.

Making dinner and enjoying it with Jerry,that makes me rich.

I am rich because I have friends and family that celebrate with me when I'm at the top and encourage me when I'm at the bottom.

Rich is, spending 19 years of your life, with a mother who loves you, unconditionally.

Talking to God, knowing he understands. Believing in yourself. Loving, caring, inspiring.

These are the things, that make me rich.

Money will always be a struggle. But life, is not a struggle, as long as your willing to look past the burden of money, the burden of possessions and look to see where you are the richest.

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