Thursday, September 9, 2010

Money, Money, Money

Why is it that our lives revolve around [money]?

We have names for people that have excess [money]....the rich...the wealthy, possibly the better off?

And those with lack of [money]...the poor...the less fortunate.

When we are born our parents have huge [expenses] for our birth, for our new life, our clothes, food and shelter.

These expenses continue until we reach a point in our life in which we can obtain our own job, and earn [money].

At time of our high school graduation we begin considering how we will enter the world as a fresh young adult. We then decide, will I enter the work force and begin a family? Will my job provide enough [money], for me to support a family?

Some of us choose to go to college, but in order to go to college, we are expected to make an investment in our self, this investment costs thousands of [dollars.] Some of us may decide that we do not have the [money] to pay for college, so we then take out loans. A loan, that we expect we will be able to pay back, with the [money] that we hope to make as a worker with a college degree.

From that point forward, we go to work in cars that we put gas in, using the [money] that we earn.

We have children, we buy houses, cars, entertainment systems and anything that we feel will make our life ((richer)).

We pay to get married.

We fight over money and possessions as we get a divorce.

We save. We earn. We spend. We donate. We waste.

We waste our life, over [money].

I realize that money is crucial to human survival at this point in America.

But what does it truly mean to be rich?

To me,

watching the sunset, as I sit on the beach with my family, that makes me rich.

Having a relationship with my dad, where I can tell him everything, that makes me rich.

Making dinner and enjoying it with Jerry,that makes me rich.

I am rich because I have friends and family that celebrate with me when I'm at the top and encourage me when I'm at the bottom.

Rich is, spending 19 years of your life, with a mother who loves you, unconditionally.

Talking to God, knowing he understands. Believing in yourself. Loving, caring, inspiring.

These are the things, that make me rich.

Money will always be a struggle. But life, is not a struggle, as long as your willing to look past the burden of money, the burden of possessions and look to see where you are the richest.

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  1. *claps* Wonderfully written, Nicole. Money is a great burden, but we can lessen it by switching our focus.