Monday, July 26, 2010

The worst nights sleep ever.

Last night, I could not sleep....for the life of me.

I tossed and turned, and rotated my pillow. I tried sleeping close to Jerry, and on the edge of the bed. I listened to the music that was playing, and I tried to ignore it. But nothing I did seemed to work. I began thinking of my mom, and cried a little. I just kept thinking about the things in life that I wish she was here to experience with me. I prayed, for my dad, for my future, and for Jerry, Penny, Jessica, Jay and baby Kimber too. I asked my mom to give me a hug, as I have many times before. I thought a lot about work, and money, and school and life.

I kept thinking, everyday, for five days, Jerry and I...

Wake up, shower, brush our teeth, drive to work, work, drive home from work, eat dinner, watch tv, and go to bed.

Some days we add in some laundry, or dishes or a drive around town. But overall, we work, we work so that we can live. However, I don't think we should live to work.

I know that for many many reasons, work is crucial in our life. It is important to learn to work hard and to work hard for the things we want most in life. It is important to work, to support our self, and our family. However, I just feel that there is more to life than working. I'm not saying, "Quit your job, you're wasting your time." I'm just saying, if we are going to spend 5/7ths of our week doing something, let's make it something worth while. Yes, I do think I will graduate from college. :)

So, every once in a while, I write a blog, I think, "Man, how stupid. Maybe I should just delete that, and forget it." And that's how I feel tonight. But, for tonight, I'll post.

Oh, and to finish off my sleepless night, Jerry has a horrible, annoying, consistent, hacking, cough. And so, for those moments, when my mind wasn't running, he was coughing. ay.ay.ay

In other news:

*My dad and I are leaving for Jackson, WY to welcome baby Kimber on Wednesday. I just can't wait!

*It looks like rain out. :) I love that!

*Jerry and I only have about a month until Fall semester starts, crazy? Yes.

Well, I guess I just don't have much to say, or at least not as much as I had thought. And not even any pictures. Should I even post....

I hope that you have the best night's sleep tonight. Good night my friends!

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Happy Wednesday!

So, remember this Lady???
*Her due date is July 24. So we have been waiting, and waiting.....and still more waiting.
She had an appointment today. They decided that if the baby doesn't come by next Wednesday, my sister sue will be induced next Wednesday at 5 pm! Yahoo! I can't wait for my little niece to get here.

[[May you follow your dreams and always believe in yourself, keep your eyes on the stars, and hope in your heart.]]

*When I was a freshman in college, my mom came to visit one day, and decided that my little dorm needed a little life! So she bought me the cutest little plant. About six months, I re-potted it, because it was growing so big. And I decided to leave the plant at my house in Evanston, because it was too big for my dorm. Well, about a week and a half ago, I looked at the plant, it this is how it looked. :( I was heart broken. This is the plant my mom gave me. Plants can live forever if taken care of properly, and I had every intention to keep it alive...forever. But look at it? I re-potted it again today. I gave it some plant food, oh how I hope it makes a come back! Rani tells me it needs some TLC, and tender loving care it will get!

[[A memory is a way of holding on to the things you love, the things you are, and the things you never want to lose.]]

*I chipped my tooth last Friday, while at the movie theater, eating a life saver. Today it was fixed!! Hallelujah!!

[[May you have enough happiness to make you sweet, enough trials to make you strong, enough sorrow to keep you human, enough hope to make you happy.]]

*It was a beautiful night tonight in Ogden!

[[The happiest people don't have the best of everything. They just make the best of everything.]]

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Monday, July 12, 2010

Welcome to our house!

I have been meaning to post pictures of our little house for a while now. So here it is. We live up behind another house, our drive way is steep and this is the view from the drive way.

I took this picture tonight. This is the front door, and my little flower garden. :) I made the wreath on the door today too. :) Oh and Jer's cute little BBQ.
This is the flower garden to the left of the front door. :)
This is a view from the side of the house, the entire house is surrounded by plants. That's what I love most!
This is the heater, ha. I was a little bummed about this 'eye sore', but I think it looks okay, in the plant camo. ;)
This is our cute little kitchen table. There really is no real dining area, so we put the table in the corner of the living room. One of my favorite things about having my own house is getting fresh flowers to put on the table. :)

This is our living room. Bart and Rani bought us the couch, and my dad gave us the

This is our bed room. We bought the shelves next to the bed for $15 each at Wal Mart, what a deal huh!

This is another view of the living room, from the kitchen. :)
This is the view of the kitchen from the living room.
Although the house is really old, the kitchen was newly remodeled.
My absolute favorite thing about this house is the garden. There is so much growing and so much that I have never seen grow in my entire life. This is a picture of the blueberry bush. I took the picture in the dark, so it's not the best.
These are green grapes. They are everywhere. We could each a bunch of grapes everyday until Winter and we would never run out.
These are peaches! I can't wait until they are ready to eat. :)
These are raspberries. I ate one today and it was soooo good!
Jerry planted two tomato plants. This was our first tomato to sprout now we have about 6.
Jerry also planted jalapeƱos. This one is almost ready!
Well, that's it. It's a tiny house, but we don't need anything big. I am proud of this little house. I love everything about it. The entire drive way and house is surrounded by trees. We even have a few apple trees. This is a view of a sun set. Isn't it beautiful?

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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Three Year Olds

Today I was in the 3 year old classroom....ALL DAY!

Forget Terrible Twos.

The three year olds have something about them. They are stinkin' cute! They're cuddly. And they say the cutest things!

BUT, when you get more than one of them together, all a sudden they turn into little monsters!

And they're smart. They know how to manipulate, they know how to annoy and they most definitely know how to get revenge.

Just imagine if we all live our lives the way three year olds do.

We would hit, kick, scream, spit and cry to get what we want.

When we are asked to take a time out, for a tiny 3 minutes, we will throw our self on the floor and then throw the chair that we are placed on.

We would fight sleep, even when our eyes couldn't possibly stay open another minute. We will then insist that in order to sleep we need our shoes, cup, favorite blanket, stuffed animal, latest art project, socks, hair ribbons and a random fork at our side.

When we don't get the toy we want to play with we will find the person with the toy that we want and we will hit them, bite them, kick them and spit on them.

We would gargle our milk at meal time, and dunk all food in milk before eating it.

We would play in the toilets, sinks and any other forbidden thing we could reach.

We would always be saying, "Teacher 'so&so' just hit me."

In order to get revenge we would tell our friends, "Get him!", and point out the victim.

Because honestly, that is how three olds act, when they are in groups of 5 or more at daycare.

Some days, like today, they push me right to edge, and then I think, what the heck? I love kids, why are they making me so crazy.

But at the end of the day, when my shift is over and they come to hug me good bye, I forget all the things that irritated me. And I still love them....

So please, don't act a three year eh?

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Thursday, July 1, 2010

A day on the boat...

If only the entire world had a boat...

So that the entire world could spend time in a confined space with the people they love most.

So that the entire world could enjoy the beauty of God's creation.

So that the entire world could sit, and reflect.

If the entire world had a boat, maybe we would be in slightly better shape. ;)

Because, my family has a boat...

We spend time, laughing without a care in the world.

It's a chance to forget anything that has worried us, the days, weeks, months and years before.

It's a chance to get to know each other, on another level.

It's a chance to just let go, to be free, to jump in.

Happy Thursday my friends!

Go Boating!!

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