Monday, July 26, 2010

The worst nights sleep ever.

Last night, I could not sleep....for the life of me.

I tossed and turned, and rotated my pillow. I tried sleeping close to Jerry, and on the edge of the bed. I listened to the music that was playing, and I tried to ignore it. But nothing I did seemed to work. I began thinking of my mom, and cried a little. I just kept thinking about the things in life that I wish she was here to experience with me. I prayed, for my dad, for my future, and for Jerry, Penny, Jessica, Jay and baby Kimber too. I asked my mom to give me a hug, as I have many times before. I thought a lot about work, and money, and school and life.

I kept thinking, everyday, for five days, Jerry and I...

Wake up, shower, brush our teeth, drive to work, work, drive home from work, eat dinner, watch tv, and go to bed.

Some days we add in some laundry, or dishes or a drive around town. But overall, we work, we work so that we can live. However, I don't think we should live to work.

I know that for many many reasons, work is crucial in our life. It is important to learn to work hard and to work hard for the things we want most in life. It is important to work, to support our self, and our family. However, I just feel that there is more to life than working. I'm not saying, "Quit your job, you're wasting your time." I'm just saying, if we are going to spend 5/7ths of our week doing something, let's make it something worth while. Yes, I do think I will graduate from college. :)

So, every once in a while, I write a blog, I think, "Man, how stupid. Maybe I should just delete that, and forget it." And that's how I feel tonight. But, for tonight, I'll post.

Oh, and to finish off my sleepless night, Jerry has a horrible, annoying, consistent, hacking, cough. And so, for those moments, when my mind wasn't running, he was coughing. ay.ay.ay

In other news:

*My dad and I are leaving for Jackson, WY to welcome baby Kimber on Wednesday. I just can't wait!

*It looks like rain out. :) I love that!

*Jerry and I only have about a month until Fall semester starts, crazy? Yes.

Well, I guess I just don't have much to say, or at least not as much as I had thought. And not even any pictures. Should I even post....

I hope that you have the best night's sleep tonight. Good night my friends!

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  1. dude i agree with the whole work situation. i have goals and dreams, lots of them. but the only way to get them is to work a job i hate and save up all my pennies. it really is frusturating. on days when i really hate maverik i just keep thinking, "this is why i'm in college, this is why i'm in college"