Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My New Job

I have been working at Discovery Clubhouse for about 4 and a half weeks now. I have learned so much. I think that it will be very beneficial to work with these young kids, before becoming an elementary teacher. It takes a lot of patience, that's for sure. But working with kids, is all I ever want to do. I don't get paid much, in fact, barely over minimum wage, but I love it. I think that having a job that you enjoy is more important than making a lot of money, in a job that you hate.

My day at work starts out at 6 AM. When I get there, there are already about 5 kids. Some sleep and some watch a movie. The teacher that gets there before me, takes the kids under age 2 into another room. From around 6 until 7:30, I have all kids, ages 2-12. By 7:30 I watch up to 30 kids. This part of the day, is my least favorite, it feels so out of control. At 7:30, the school age kids and the preschoolers go to their own classrooms. I am then left with 2 and 3 year olds. I only have about 6 of them at this point. We clean up the room, and then go to another classroom, where we play until 9:30 when they eat breakfast. I feed about 16 kids breakfast, and then another teacher comes in to give me a break. By this point I'm so ready for a break. After my break, I go into which ever room they need me in, which lately, has been the 2 year olds. I love them!

These are 2 year olds, they were playing nice for once.
Let me give you a few highlights-
*Yesterday, the 2 and 3 year olds were sitting down for breakfast. I was serving cereal. The kids were all telling me where their Mommy's were. Most kids said, "My mommy is at work." One little girl said, "My mom is in jail." Another said, "My mommy is sick." And then a little boy said, "My mommy is an angel." So I said, "So is mine." The boy looked back at me and said, "Really? You're mommy is in heaven too?" It was so sweet! I can't imagine losing my mom at age 3. The little boy and I have always been buddies, but even more now. Today he asked me, "So, your mom's in heaven?" I think he likes the connection. :)

Playing with Play dough. Love these girls!
*There is a little boy that teachers have been telling me was a problem child from the first day I worked there. For the first days that I worked with me, I treated him as a problem child. And he would throw tantrums. He would hit and bite other kids, and throw toys. I didn't know what to do. So about a week ago, I decided I was just going to treat him like the other kids, and it has worked so well. He still has tantrums. But now instead of getting mad, or trying to put him in time out, I pick him up, and ask him to play with me. He has become so much better. But starting today, he wants me to hold him all the time. I told him that he is too big, but he just cries. He will hold my legs, and won't let go. When I left for my break today, he started crying and was banging on the gate. I think the poor little guy just needs attention.

*I have changed soo many diapers.

*There is a little black girl who HATES me. I don't think she has seen anyone so white before. Ugh, and I don't think her dad likes me either, he never wants to leave her with me.

Anyway, the job is going good. :) I have so much fun, and time goes by so fast. It's a good experience, and I really love to be with all those kiddos.

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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Who Made the Moon?

On Friday night Bart and Rani, picked up Jerry and I, and we headed to Wendover. For our 21st birthdays, Bart and Rani were taking us to a Little River Band concert. I was really pretty excited about it because my parents have always listened to the Little River Band. We began the concert with some drinks, and we would yell, and watch the people dance around us, some of them were quite comical.

After a few songs, the lead singer began telling us (the audience) about a man that has been to 99 Little River Band concerts. The Wendover concert was his 99th. He continued by telling us that the man had been begging the band to play a song called "Who made the Moon" for the last 60 concerts. The singer told us that they hadn't played the song at a concert and the song was only on one of their albums. I had never head of the song and I was glad that we got to hear it. All of the other members of the band, except for the keyboard player, and the lead singer left the stage. The lead singer was all choked up, and had a hard time beginning the song. And the song began...

Her little eyes looked up to the evening sky
As twilight spread across her sweet face she wondered why
She turned to me to ask who made it so
So sure that I would know
Who made the moon, who paints the sky
Who hangs the stars and turns them on each night
Who tells the rose it's time to bloom
How do Junebugs
know it's June
Dad, who made the moon
As that little girl grew up to discover life
She found that people's words could cut deeper than a knife
But somehow hers were always used for good
I guess she understood
Who made the moon, who paints the sky
Who hangs the stars and turns them on each night
Who fills the hearts, that have no room
With shooting stars and toy balloons
Dad, who made the moon
And who decides who gets to live
And who decides its time to die
And who decides the ones you love
Don't get to say goodbye
Now I sit alone and search the evening sky
I'd give everything I'll ever own for just one more night
To hold her close and share the mystery
And hear her asking me
Who made the moon, who paints the sky
Who hangs the stars and turns them on each night
Who shows the world how to play in tune
She got her answers way too soon
She knows who made the moon
Who made the moon, who paints the sky
Who hangs the stars and turns them on each night
How can I fill this empty room
Why'd she have to leave so soon
God, who made the moon

It was one of the prettiest songs that I have ever heard. But it was so sad. It reminded me of my mom. I had the biggest lump in my throat the entire concert. I managed to keep the tears in, until the song was over, but I just kept thinking about that song. Rani reached over and gave me a hug, and that was it, I began to cry. I was so embarrassed. I didn't want everyone to see me cry. Jerry gave me a hug, and I nestled my head into his chest so that no one could see. I was so embarrassed.

And I think the song is now one of my favorites. You should all go listen to it.

It all really hit home for me. I have always considered things, such as, the moon and the stars as proof that there is a god. In the song, the singers daughter dies, and finds out, who made the moon, who paints the stars, and who hangs the stars and turns them on each night. In the same sense, my mom has met the Creater of this world. Although she has died young, she knows the answers to all the questions we may have on earth, including why she was taken so early in her life.

To finish off our trip, we gambled a little and headed home. It was so much fun, and an eye opening experience, thanks to the song. In so many ways, I think that I was meant to hear that song. It was the FIRST time they had ever played that song during a concert. It was the mega fan's 99t concert! Everything happens for a reason. Everything happens for a reason!!

I'd give everything I'll ever own for just one more night

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Friday, May 21, 2010

So much blogging, so little time.

Don't worry. I haven't forgotten you.

I have been so busy. And...we haven't had Internet for a couple of weeks.

Jerry and I are waiting for Bart and Rani to get here, we are headed to Wendover. :) Whoo!

So I don't have a lot of time to blog. But I have so much I want to write about. And lots of pictures too! :) So stay tuned eh??

In the real close future I plan to tell you all about...

Our new house!

My new job!

My huge surprise birthday bash!

My Kindergarten Teacher, who just got Facebook!

Shopping with Jessica!

And of course, a little about my beautiful Momma!

And I've thought about a few other things I want to share, but I need to catch up first!

Tonight Jers and I will be at the Little River Band concert in Wendover with Bart and Rani, they're the best. We will be coming back tomorrow night. Sunday we are getting Direct Tv installed at our house, and then we will be going to Jordan and Ryan's wedding reception...Love them! I hope you have the best weekend. Enjoy some sun!

I'll leave you with this...

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