Thursday, September 30, 2010

Just another ordinary day.

To my dismay Jerry informed me this morning at 6:57 that I had a meeting at 8. What would I do without him? His memory may fail him at times, but he remembers the important stuff.

I took a shower, got ready and headed to campus for a Golden Key Honour Society Meeting.

As I walked from the parking lot (one I won't get a ticket in), to the education building I hurried, as I was already late. Everyday I dread the hike up the hill and up to the 3rd floor of the education building, and today I had to do it twice.

As I walked up the hill mountain....I noticed that the sun was just coming over the mountain. It was probably about 70 degrees and I looked at the changing colors up on the mountain. I decided to take a picture, I waited until no one was on the sidewalk in front of me. I didn't want anyone thinking I was taking their picture after all. And here it is...

I would have to say, Weber State is a beautiful campus, and if my tuition is worth a penny over what I think I [[should]] have to pay for classes, at least I get a beautiful view.
And uhm...does that look a hike or what?? The building I go to is just past the stop light on the right. And the parking lot that I park at is probably a 1/4 of mile behind where this picture was taken.
Also, just to inform you....I decided to cross the street right after I took this picture. As I crossed a car came flying out of no where, (I probably should have crossed at the light, I know) I hurried and ran the rest of the way...where I ran into the Coke man. Don't worry, I excused my self and made it to my meeting...just slightly late. :)

So this Education classes are on the third floor, and man, that is a lot of stinkin' stairs...especially when you go in the basement doors....which makes it climbing to the 4th floor. Okay, I know I'm complaining, but do you ever just feel like if you give in and take the elevator, people will just assume you are a lazy person? Because if I did take the elevator, I think I would have to wear a sign around my neck that says, "I'm not lazy, you should see the mountain I just hiked!" Haha, maybe I'll try that. :)

Well, the rest of my day was pretty average. Tomorrow is Friday, I am going to meet the 1st grade class that I will be teaching for 2 weeks. I have another meeting, and some chores are calling my name. I am hoping to have time to make banana bread out of the black bananas that currently sit in my kitchen. My dad, Penny and Maddie will be here Saturday for a football game, and Maddie and I get to go swimming in the hotel swimming pool. It will be a good time.

Happy Weekend Everyone!

'Enjoy the little things in life. For one day you will look back and realize they were the big things.' -Robert Blunt

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  1. Yup, I pretty much always assume people are lazy when they're taking the elevator, unless they're disabled. So good for you for taking the stairs. ;)