Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Simply Red, what a reminder

Through out my whole life, my mom would go through phases where she would really love one band and she would buy every CD they ever made, listen to it daily, and dance and sing. She was an amazing singer. Her last phase was without a doubt Simply Red. I know that most of the world has not heard of Simply Red, and I think you've missed out. My mom had tickets to go see Simply Red, since he was from Europe he hardly ever comes to the United States and she would always remind us of that.
One night Jerry, my dad, mom and I played Monopoly for several hours. We listened to Simply Red the whole time. My mom would occasionally go back to the CD player to turn it up and by the end of the night I'm sure even the neighbors were enjoying the music. That was the night that the tickets first sold, and we stayed up until midnight to buy them. She was so excited. Unfourtinately she never physically made it to the concert but I know she's in Heaven singing along at every one of his concerts.
My dad and I went to the concert, which was in March. The concert was in California, we had bought tickets and reserved a hotel room. On the day of the flight (and the concert) we missed our plane. Oh no! The flight that we were rebooked for was a few hours later and went to a different air port, which our luggage went to a whole different air port. What a disaster. We thought we might not even make it to the concert at all. We arrived in Orange County, drove to LAX got our luggage, got to our hotel room, waited for a taxi and finally, an hour late we arrived to the concert. To our surprise the concert hadn't even started yet. I know she was watching over us that day.

Here are some lyrics from one of my mom's favorite Simply Red songs, "Money's too tight to Mention", isn't it true?

I been laid off from work my rent is dueMy kids all need brand new shoesSo I went to the bank to see what they could doThey said son looks like bad luck got a hold on you

Moneys too tight to mentionI cant get an unemployment extensionMoneys too tight to mention

I went to my brother to see what he could doHe said brother Id like to help but Im unable toSo called on my father, fatherAlmighty father, he said

Moneys too tight to mentionOh money money money moneyMoneys too tight to mentionI cant even qualify for my pension

Were talking bout reaganomicsOh lord down in the congressTheyre passing all kinds of billsFrom up there on capitol hill, weve tried it
Moneys too tight to mentionOh money money money moneyMoneys too tight to mentionCutbacks!

Were talking bout the dollar billAnd that old man whos over the hillNow what are we all to doWhen moneys got a hold on you

Moneys too tight etc.

Were talking bout money moneyWere talking bout money money

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