Thursday, July 9, 2009

But what if he's a killer?

This weekend Jerry, my dad and I are going to visit my sister. Oh man I sure do love her! Her boyfriend is coming to visit and this will be the first time we will meet him. I will have to make sure he is not a killer. ;) Let me tell you a quick story about that. [[A few years ago, after my sister had broken up with (what my parents had though was the perfect, respectable) boy she had hooked up with a new guy, Trent. They had bought a new truck, moved in together and had plans to get married. My mom found that the only problem was...she had never met him. Rumors around work, in town and from anyone who could spread them left a bad taste in her mouth. She would always tell us, "What if he's a killer or something?" We would laugh but then she should go on to say, "I'm her mom, it's my job to make sure she is with the right guy." It was sad because she was very serious and wanted to make sure my sister only had the best boyfriend/soon to be husband possible. Soon the wedding was off, and they broke up. The grandkids (my sister's dogs) we're split up and now have only an occasional visitation.]]
Now....I feel that my mom would want me to take over to make sure he isn't a killer and to make sure he is the right guy. And I'll do that. From what I've heard I'm sure he'll pass. :)

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