Thursday, August 27, 2009

Back to school. whew!

We went to Bear Lake this weekend!

On Sunday Jerry and I moved to the dorms at University Village in Ogden. My dad brought down his truck and helped us move all of my thousands of things into my third floor dorm. He left shortly after everything was moved in, and it was so hard for me to let him go. And I know that it was hard for him to leave. I call him lots everyday and I try to talk positively so that he knows that I will be home shortly. He seems like he is doing alright. I wrote him a letter before I left and I left it on his night stand so that he would see it that night before he went to bed. He keeps telling me how much he liked it. :) I am so glad, anything that I can do to cheer him up a little bit, I will do!
Classes have been going well. We started out Monday with just one class each. We both had math, mine was Math for Elementary Teachers. It is so much fun, we get to use blocks and counting tools, and learn how children learn. I like it a lot. After class we went to Salt Lake to pick up some Bug parts that we had ordered a while ago. While we were there we also went to a few stores and just looked around. It was nice to just have a whole day with nothing to do. On Tuesday I had three classes to go to, but I forgot my schedule at my dorm, and I had Jerry look it up for me. I had the times mixed up and so did Jerry so I ended up missing my second class. I made it to the other two which were Math (again) and Environmental Appreciation. The teacher is so funny, kind of like a hippi man (like you can imagine. :) Yesterday I had math (AGAIN!!!) and a self defense class. Which could actually be called Karate, we even have to buy the little outfits! Ay ay ay, can you imagine me doing Karate?

Today I had an honors class, which was the class that I missed on Tuesday, and you know what?? We had a QUIZ! Oh seesh! I was so nervous, and everyone seemed to be so smart. Luckily I found out that we get to drop our lowest two test scores. After classes today we took a nap and did some homework. The day went by so fast. Tomorrow we get done around 10:30, and then we will head home. :)

Oh! And I forgot! I talked to my advisor this week and she told me everything that I need to do for the teaching program. I have to fill out an application, write a paper, take a big, huge, scary test, and have an interview. I also have to keep my GPA up (which is a 3.7 right now,) and have a minimum of 40 credit hours. I am getting so nervous for everything, and when I think about it too much I make my self sick. I am just going to take everything one thing at a time, and it will work out, (I hope.)

Anyway we rented "17 Again," and we are getting ready to watch it. :) I hope you had a good Thursday!

I decided not to let my past rule my future so I decided to change my present in order to open up my future.
- Dr. Ana Guzman


  1. Nicole,
    I'm glad you had a great time. Sounds like Dad is going to be okay too. I couldn't resist the opportunity to help you out with your Karate. I have been in Karate for over 20 is a great love of mine. The uniform is called a Gi (rhymes with me). Do you know what style they are teaching you. Self-defense is a priority for any girl! I hope you gain a great deal from it, although it is pretty funny when you first start.

  2. I'm not sure what style it is. I'm sure he told us, but I didn't pay attention. I have danced all my life, but Karate seems so foriegn to me. Hopefully, I'll pick up on it. I was just so surprised that we had to buy the uniform, but he told us that it is easier to learn the kicks and stuff with.

    Anyway, one funny thing, when I first read your blog at JTM I thought that Jie's name was pronounced more like Gi (the uniform) rather than with the long 'I' sound. :P