Monday, August 10, 2009

And the last drop of Summer is falling from the glass.

This weekend was so much fun! We were busy non-stop, and I loved it! Friday right after work, Jerry, my dad and I left Evanston and headed to a Bee's baseball game in Salt Lake. We met up with Jerry's mom, step-dad and little brother. The game was a lot of fun. I even got hit by a ball, and Kobie got to keep it! I saw a few bats break, while the batter hit the ball (I had no idea that happened). And I even learned a few baseball rules. We ate brats with sour kraut and ice cream out of miniature helmets. We came home after the game. On the ride home, I explained to Jerry the reasons why I believe there is a God, and Heaven. I told him how crazy it was the galaxies go on for ever and ever and eventually it has to stop, but it doesn't. It is a little far fetched to believe that, but so is believing in God. I know there is a higher power out there. I know my mom's life didn't end November 10th 2008, she's just somewhere else now. On Saturday my dad woke me up about noon, and I cleaned the house. It was so messy I was glad to get it looking good again. Once the house was cleaned, and my dad had mowed the lawn, we loaded up the boat and went out to Sulfur Creek Reservoir. Our boat trailer had lost a roller, and we needed to unload the boat to fix it. After we got the boat unloaded I went out to help Jerry dock the boat. It was so cold! Probably about 45 degrees (air temperature), and the freezing water was splashing up on my legs while the Wyoming wind blew. I had planned on fishing while the boys fixed the trailer, but it was way too cold for me! So I sat in the truck while they fixed the trailer. Jerry and my dad ended up breaking a few of the clips that hold the roller in place, so we had to leave the boat and the trailer to go get more Murdoch's. Finally the trailer was fixed and Jerry and my dad loaded the boat back on the trailer despite the wind. Once we got home Jerry and I decided to go to Ogden to watch a movie and eat dinner. We bought tickets for "A perfect Getaway" at 9:55pm. We ate dinner before the movie at Iggy's, and I almost stole the "secret sauce," but I chickened out. :) After dinner we had time to spare before the movie so we spent some time playing games in the Arcade, played Miniature Golf (which I won! :) and watched people on the FlowRider. Finally we watched the movie, which was really good, and I recommend it to anyone who likes scary movies.
To finish off our eventful weekend, Jerry, Katie, Baillie, Dawn Anne, Francine and I went to Lagoon! We went on lots of rides, ate Teriyaki Stix, and even got our picture taken as Saloon girls, and Jerry as an outlaw of course! :) Around 7 o'clock Jerry, Baillie and I decided we had had enough fun at Lagoon and we decided to leave. Katie, Francine and Dawn Anne stayed well into the night. Jerry, Baillie and I went to Olive Garden for dinner and then headed home (I slept the whole way.) It was fun to spend some time with all my friends before they go back to college. :)

It was a fun weekend! I wish every weekend was that eventful!

"Friendship is unnecessary, like philosophy, like art... It has no survival value; rather is one of those things that give value to survival." - C. S. Lewis

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