Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Life's travels

Isn't it crazy, how we begin our life with certain people, and as we grow older the distance between those certain people also grows?

There has to some reason that these people were put in our life, whether it is to teach us a lesson, to shape our personality, to create something or to become lifelong friends.

Sometimes people go in out of our life so quickly, sometimes I meet people one day, that I will never see again in my life. We may go to a basketball game, an watch a team from out of state, in which one of the players may score more than he will ever again in his lifetime, and even though those moments are huge in his life, he will never know that we were there watching, because we are strangers.

There are instances when we hold doors for others, smile at strangers or give a couple dollars to a homeless person, and I believe that all these instances shape us as human beings.

When I was in high school, I had a group of good friends. The best friends. I would see them everyday. We would schedule classes together. We would play sports together and run for student council together. We would go on double dates, eat lunch and shop together.

Today, that group of friends, remains friends, just much further apart.

Kelsey, just got back from Ecuador, and is now studying in Laramie.

Katie is currently in the Netherlands.

Justine is in Salt Lake.

Baillie is in Logan.

Dawn Anne is in Laramie.

And I'm in Ogden.

Somehow we still manage to get together. I talk to all of them all the time, through Facebook mostly, or text. Perhaps we should have all gone to the same college, or maybe we should all be in the Netherlands.

I miss the days, that I could see them, whenever I wanted. And I miss the days, that I knew every little detail about everything they were doing.

But I do know this, each and everyone of them has shaped me into the person that I am today. They have all helped me to accomplish something. And when I have exciting news, or I've had a bad day, they are the first people I go to.

They mean so very much to me. And some days, I would much rather be sitting at a lunch table at Evanston High School with my very best friends.

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