Thursday, January 6, 2011


Finally today I got my ring back from the jewelers, and finally today, I get to wear it!

And finally today, I am going to tell you how he asked me. :)

As Christmas week came, Jerry told me that he wanted to have our own little Christmas at our house, on Christmas eve morning, since we were headed to Evanston that night for Christmas with both of our families. I agreed, I told him that I would wake up with him at 5:30 that morning so that we could open our presents to each other that were under our tree.

I woke up that morning and he told me to wait in the bedroom while he got everything ready. I then got all of his stuff ready. We both stuffed a stocking for each other and we opened those first. I then told Jerry to open one of his presents. He opened the impact wrench that I got him, and then I opened a sweatshirt that he got me. Then he opened snowboarding boots, and I opened a pair of earrings. Finally he gave me a card, inside the very sweet card, he wrote something about how he wished that someday that I could wake up and put a ring on my finger knowing that I would always be with him. He then wrote that he had a gift from his heart in the tree. I went to the tree looking underneath it, I looked and looked, but still couldn't find anything. He said that I needed to read the card more carefully. So, I read it again, it said, "Your last gift is something from my heart, and it is IN the tree." That's when I looked in the tree, I noticed a ring hanging on a silver ornament in the tree. I was so excited I just looked at him and smiled. I took the ring of the ornament, and that's when he asked me! I was so excited!

The only problem was, the ring was too big. My sweet Jers read online somewhere that a girls shoe size is the same as her ring size. That may be true with some people, but for me it's not. My shoe size is 8 and my ring size is 5.5. So Jers took it to Zales last week to get it sized, and finally today it was done. I am so exited to be wearing it! I love it!

The question everyone is asking is, "When?" And our answer is, sometime in 2012. We haven't set a for sure date yet, because we want to wait until I graduate. I am hoping for summer time, although Jerry thinks he wants to get married on top of a ski hill, and snowboard down after the ceremony. Luckily, I have a year to change his mind. :)

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  1. Nicole, that is so sweet! Congratulations to both of you!