Saturday, April 10, 2010

Bad Day!

Yesterday, Jerry woke up around 7, to shower and go to work. He works a full day on Fridays because he doesn't have school. I got up around 8, to take a shower and get ready for school. At around 8:15, I text him to tell him to have a good day at work and that I loved him. He said something like, I love you too. Apparently there was a meeting yesterday and the new boss told everyone how he doesn't like me. So I asked him a little about it, and then he said, I guess he is firing me. To go back a little real quick, on Thursday, Jerry and I, turned in applications and paid a fee to get a credit and criminal background check. Anyway, so when I heard that he was getting fired, I was kind of upset, because we had put on the application that he had this job. Anyway, Jerry was upset, and left to go to get this mom's car so that he could take his tool box home. As he was on the interstate his car broke down. He called me, but he was so angry that I couldn't understand what he was saying. Finally, I got it all figured out. But I was still mad so I just told him that I had to go to class, and I got off the phone. A few minutes later I decided to skip class, and try to help him out. So I called him, and he said that he, got his car to start back up, and drove back to the shop, of the job he had just lost. He found that his catalyk converter, was broken and needed to be replaced. For a mere $500. :O The part will be here on Monday. Because it was Friday night, we had plans to drive back to Evanston to hang out with our families. Thankfully, Jerry's mom came to pick us up. We got back to Evanston, and I got a call from the Land Lord, of the house we are trying to rent, she told me that our background and credit was approved. But then, she said to me, "I just called the Timbermine, and they said you don't work there yet." I had an interview on Tuesday with the Timbermine, and they told me that they would call me with a schedule this week. I figured that meant I had the job?! So the Landlord, told me that it was okay, but that I would need to get her my first pay check stub when I got one. I agreed, and we hung up. But I felt horrible, like she thought I was a liar. We set up a date to pay the deposit for Monday. So Jerry and I went to Wal-Mart to pick up a wedding present, and while we were there, Jerry got a call from the Land Lord, and she said that she had called Jerry's work, and they said that he doesn't work there anymore. Jerry explained to her that, he no longer worked there, but that he had a job interview at Henry Day Ford on Thursday. Ay, ay, ay. The lady probably thinks we are liars, and cheats. And the truth is, we didn't lie once. It was just a sucky day all around yesterday.

So today, Jerry and I both had some school stuff to get done. I had to do a highway clean up in Morgan, and I got up at 7 to leave. I went out to my car and ............It won't start.

Maybe I'll just go back to bed.

However, whenever I have a bad day, I always try to remember that no matter how bad my day is, there is always someone who is having a worst day. Maybe Jerry lost his job, but there is someone out there that lost their job with a wife and kids. Even though the lady may think were liars, somewhere in the world, someone is being killed for false accusations. Even though Jerry's car broke down, someone out there has never even been given the chance to ride in a car. There are people with deadly diseases, lost hope and no food to eat. There are unfortunate people out there that live their lives in fear and others that live in poverty. No matter how bad my day may seem, I should be forever thankful for the blessings I have in my life.

And today,

I'm thankful that Jerry's car is repairable.

I'm thankful that the land lord is giving us a chance.

I am thankful that Jerry had that job interview Thursday, and the job looks promising.

I am thankful that I live where I do.

I am thankful for my dad, Penny, Jeff, Teresa, Bart and Rani, who help us through everyday.

I am thankful for the sun that is out today.

I am thankful that my best friends, Katie and Baillie are in town.

And most of all, and always, I am thankful for my beautiful guardian angel in Heaven, my mom. I know she watches me through every trial in my life, and leads me through my day.

Happy Saturday Everyone!

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  1. Way to look at the positive stuff! I'm glad that you guys found a place finally, and hopefully you will both find good jobs soon.