Monday, April 5, 2010

A Dog Food Factory

Jerry and I have had quite the stressful day.

Apartments just don't call you up on the phone and say, "Hi, my price is low, the space is big, I include a washer and dryer, I'm clean and you're going to love me!" Unfourtunately, that has not happened and won't happen. So, we continue to look.

I called this lady, that has a few different small houses that have been turned into apartments, I emailed her once and she said to call to make an appointment to go look at them. I've called 3 times, each time I have left a message, and she still hasn't called me back. What kind of customer service is that? ugh.

We have an appointment to go look at an apartment in Layton Wednesday. Can't wait!

Anyway, let's move on.

It rained....ALL DAY!

And now, it's a blizzard outside, it's already put down probably 3 inches of snow. R.i.d.i.c.u.l.o.u.s.

So much for those new summer dresses I bought.

Now on to the positives of the day:

*Jerry thinks it's quite funny when I make up my own words while singing. I think I do pretty good. :)

* So at our dorm, the basement floor ALWAYS stinks! I mean, come on, it's the guys floor, of course it stinks. There's always an array of smells, including food, body odors, puke, you name it, they've got the smell there. And food! Maybe some guy really got desperate and found that dog food is much cheaper than Top Ramen. Who knows? Anyway, this is how the conversation between Jerry and I went:

Me: Smells like dog food.

Jerry: Maybe someone works at the Dog Food Factory.

Me: haha. Dog Food Factory?

Jerry: Yes, the Dog Food Factory.

Me: You're a liar.

Jerry: No, I'm not, there's a Dog Food Factory downtown.

Me: Whatever, psh Dog Food Factory. (laughing)

So we get up stairs, and Jerry, of course has to prove me wrong by asking my room mate Tiffany if there was a Dog Food Factory in Ogden?

And you know what? Sure enough there is! Seriously, that's why Ogden always smells like Dog Food? I just thought it was the Taco Stands. haha. Maybe I could get a job at the Dog Food Factory?

*Only 9 more days of school!!! Then Finals week! YAY!

*But with that comes finals, presentations, homework & extra credit.

*I just wish that I could find a job, but soon enough, soon enough.

* I registered for Summer classes, I will be going full-time. 12 credit hours. Luckily they are pretty short, and I will only be in 2 classes at a time. :)

Happy Monday, my friends

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  1. Nicole, I know that we don't really know each other, but one day I stumbled across your blog. I really enjoy reading your posts. Today the quote at the end put a smile on my face, that was quickly followed with tears of relief. Thank you so much for sharing, it was very helpful.

  2. there is a dog food factory in ogden? creepy i never knew that! and if i had a sweet apartment, i'd let it call you

  3. oh my.. how much i love my coley.. your blogs somehow always bring tears to my eyes.. just plz plz always remember how much u mean to me.. how much youve helped me.. and how much i think about ya.. daymon and i miss u like crazy! and im always sad about not hangin out as much. ryan leaves today.. ive cried the past 3 days.. this pregnancy isnt helping that out.. soooo emotional.. im a basket case.. :( but get ahold of me PLEASE!!! love u cole..