Thursday, April 1, 2010

I just haven't been in the mood.

Blogging, just hasn't been on my mind lately. I have been b.u.s.y.

I haven't been in the mood, the blogging mood.

Let me tell you what I have been up to lately.

I have been filling out 120948302 applications. I need a job. Bad.

I have been looking at apartments everywhere. Online. On the streets. In my head. I just want one to call my own. I want Jerry and I to have our very own place together.

I have been going to school. Doing homework. Planning my next semester. Debating what classes to take this summer.

It snowed all stinkin' day yesterday. I don't think it stopped for one minute. Quite ridiculous Spring!

Jerry bought me the most beautiful roses, just because. :) I am one lucky girl!

The wind shield in Jerry's car broke.

Jerry's alternator went out in his car today. I was tutoring, as I do every Thursday. And as I was walking out in the parking lot, looking for Jerry to pick me up, I got a message that said, "My car broke down." Grrrreeaaaaaaaaat. He was at 26th and Wall, I was at 22nd and Grant. So I started walking. It was freezing cold, and I didn't have a coat on. Not to mention, there are homeless people roaming, a million cars and well, snow. Right about the time I got to 25th and Grant, Jerry called to tell me that he thought he had ran out of gas, and that a tow truck brought him some, and he would follow him to the gas station. So I continued to walk, and waited for Jerry to come pick me up. I got to the Union station which is at 25th and Wall, and decided to stop there. Finally Jerry came to pick me up. We began to drive to his work, and the car once again broke down. So he called work and asked a friend to come give us a jump start so that we could make it to his work. As we waited, Jerry decided to start the car again, and we made it to his work. He found out that his alternator was bad and he would have to change it. To make a long story short. He got an new alternator, and the car is now working!

A boy at the Elementary school today told me, "You're not old enough to give detention," when I asked him to complete his assignment. Oh boy.

I made the invitations for my sister's baby shower, and got addresses ready. :) By the way, if you would like to come, please get me your address!

So, 2 more weeks of school after tomorrow. We have to move out of our dorms in 3 weeks, and we still don't have a place to move in. But we're working on it.

I hope that you have had an amazing April Fool's Day! But I hope the joke wasn't on you, when the car broke down and you had to walk. ;)

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  1. Having your own place is GREAT. I hope you can find one soon.

    Oh, and we all know misery loves company, so I loved reading this post about how it snowed ALL DAY yesterday because that's pretty much what it's been doing the past couple of days in Evanston, too. And I just want to hit other bloggers when I read about how they're actually having--what?--warm weather, sunshine, trees blooming... It's nice to know that other people share in the misery that is Wyoming weather.