Monday, April 26, 2010

I just need to get my foot in the door.

Or maybe both feet, as my Uncle Curt would say.

It seems like there are plenty of jobs I'm willing to do, I mean if someone called to have me pick up dog poop in the back yard, and would pay me for it, I would do it.

But out of the 239872930319832497384 jobs I have applied for, nothing seems to work.

I'm part time....they need full time.

There are 2 hours a day that I need to be in school....they say there is no way, we can work around those 2 hours.

Must have experience, it's hard to get experience if no one gives you a chance.

Must have a Utah drivers license.

I have 2 trips and 2 baby showers that fill my weekends of May, must work all weekends.

Graveyard shifts...psh, like I'm going to do that in Ogden, with all the gangs, not to mention I have school everyday.

I could drive to Salt Lake for a job, but it's far.

I could babysit, but it's not reliable enough.

No one trusts anyone in Ogden. In Evanston, everyone knows you, and knows that your a good hardworking person. Not in Ogden.

Well, it'll come. With a little faith, right?

I have two interviews tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed would you?

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  1. good luck Nicole! Jobs are so hard to find right now (unless of course you are that one lucky dog who has 5 yrs experience, 100% flexible schedule, available every weekend, no other obligations, with no life) You'll find one you love, i know ya will!

  2. Coley.. just in case u didnt get my message on facebook..

    i have 2 dogs, 7 puppies, and a 2 year old monster.. and im prego, sick alot, and lazy..

    i could hire you :)

  3. p.s.

    i think we should watch little rascles or matilda :)

  4. Ugh, looking for a job sucks ass. I'm sorry you're having such a hard time, but you have to keep faith that it's just because the perfect job (at least for right now) is still out there for you. Good luck with your interviews!