Thursday, April 22, 2010


Some days, having faith is harder than others.

Some days having faith just means getting out of bed, to try again.

Faith may be giving second chances.

Praying to God, that's faith.

Knowing everything has a way of working it's self!

Looking on the bright side...

Seeing the glass half full....

Going against the odds...

Supporting the underdog...

Taking chances...

Believing in miracles....

Faith. Faith. Faith.

And just a little goes a long way.

Believe in your dreams.

Set goals, and reach them.

Support others and always give second chances...people change.

Finish strong at the end of the semester.

Apply for one more job, it could be the one!

Trust that cars can be repaired, with a reasonable amount of money.

Everything will be okay, if You I just have a little faith.

And I do.

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  1. Beautiful post Nicole....I absolutely love and believe it entirely. Your semester is about over...I hope it went well for you and you have a nice, fun, blessing of a summer.