Sunday, April 11, 2010

Every Dog Has His Day.

And I'm hoping our day is tomorrow.

A few weeks ago, Jerry and I got this fortune, in our fortune cookie, of course. Yes, we got the exact same fortune. Coincidence? I don't think so. Because well, sometimes I'm a little superstitious. Or maybe it's just that I have enough faith in God (and my mom), to believe that they would send me a little reminder, not to give up.

And I'm not giving up, nope. Not one single bit has my faith subsided. I still believe, with all my heart that, things have a way of working them selves out. With a little faith, prayer and perseverance, Jerry and I will get our little house, we will get a job, and we will pay for our college without student loans. It'll happen.

I hope tomorrow is our day. Jerry is suppose to call Henry Day Ford to see if he has the job. I'm expecting a call from the Timbermine, and tomorrow night, we have a meeting with the Land Lord of the little house to pay the deposit. Oh, I hope it's OUR little house!

If you find yourself struggling through something, and your on the verge of giving up, I want you to know, that everything has a way of working it's self out. Life is not out to get you. It will happen, give it some time, give it a little prayer. Have a little faith.

"Focus on your long term goal. Good things will soon happen."

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