Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wonderful news Wednesday

My cold is slowly, but surely subsiding.

My sister said she is going to start her pregnancy blog tonight!

A man went to my house today to begin putting up the dry wall in our basement. :)

No school tomorrow!

The weekend is 2 days away.

My Valentine's day is on Friday! Geez, I love that boy!

2 tests down, 1 to go.

Jerry and I are going snowboarding on Saturday and Sunday.

Katie will be in town.

It's been snowy and cold outside. I love it!

We find out the sex of my sister's baby in 4 days!! F.O.U.R Days!

Less than half of a semester until school is out for summer.

2 Weeks and 2 days until Spring Break.

I am honestly happy.

So, tell me, what's you're wonderful news this Wednesday?!

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  1. Hmmm...

    I have tomorrow off! And Josh will be home all day so I get to spend it with him. :)

    Girl Scout cookies should be arriving any day now!

    I have hope that I will get the census job.

    Love the picture/quote at the end of this post.