Sunday, October 25, 2009

A little taste of Halloween!

This weekend was a lot of fun and we got to spend a little bit of time with everyone. On Friday, I made dinner for, Jerry, his dad, Rani and my dad. We had chicken manicotti and it was sooo good! After dinner Jerry and I took some left overs to my uncle Curt, and then we played poker at Bart and Rani's house.
Jeff and Teresa before going to the Halloween Party!
On Saturday, Jerry and my dad worked on the sun room, they installed some wires for electricity. Hopefully the whole thing will be done by Christmas (cross your fingers :). We then ate Chinese food with Jerry's mom, step dad and brothers. After we had dinner we carved pumpkins! They turned out so cute! Jerry, of course, choose to carve the Honda logo, Kobie carved the Burton Brand symbol, I did a monster and Jeff, Teresa and Taylor did WYO for the University of Wyoming! They all looked so neat all lit up. Jeff and Teresa then went to a Halloween Party, and they looked so funny dressed up as Pimps!

All of them!
Jerry's Honda Pumpkin!

My Monster Pumpkin!
Today, my dad worked on the boat, and Jerry and I did our laundry. Then we went to Ogden a little early so that my dad and Penny could get some bricks at Home Depot, and we all ate at Chili's for dinner.

It was such a fun weekend! I am so blessed for all of our families.

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