Monday, October 26, 2009

What a day!

Today has been a good day for me,
not so much for my sister.

I woke up and went to class, with messy hair because I planned to get it colored and cut by one of my best friends Baillie later that day. And I did! She dyed it
a dark brown with a red tint and trimmed it. It really looks good and I like it a lot! Oh and she also waxed my eye more bushman eye brows! ;) After going to Wendy's and deciding not to eat the 30 day old re-cooked fries we went to the bank and then returned to our dorms. My dad called me and was very excited to tell me that I got into the teaching program! I was so so excited, and I felt as though we needed
to celebrate. Being poor college kids, we settled for some candy corn pumpkins as our celebration! A few minutes later, Jerry asked what I was doing, and I told him that I was telling anyone and everyone I know that I got into the teaching program! I was so excited!! Hard work DOES pay off....yes it does. I can see my mom celebrating in Heaven now. :)
As for my sister, her, what seemed to be perfect-husband boyfriend turned out to be much more of a dirt bag. He has been cheating on her since May, and neither of his "girl friends" knew. What a sad situation. I set out to make sure the guy wasn't a killer, although he wasn't a killer, he was an incredible liar. Oh if he only knew what he is missing out on. My sister is beautiful, confident, hard working and loving. She is compassionate and she would do anything for me. She is my big sister and she always will be. Although we have had a lot fights, over everything including who gets to sit in the front seat of the car, or what shirt my dad should wear to my mom's funeral, she is still my big sister. And I would do anything in my power to ensure she gets the very best out of every situation, every boyfriend, every moment. Someday when all is said and done, when she is married and happier than ever she will look back on this tough time and realize that everything happened for a reason, and without this stepping stone she would never reach the greener grass on the other side. :)

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