Saturday, October 17, 2009


On June 17, 1958 my mom was born.
On May 17, 1961 my dad was born.
On October 17, 1987 my parents were married.
And today, October 17, 2009 is the first anniversary in which my parents spent together...spiritually.
It was an incredibly tough day for both my dad and I. We tried so very hard to keep ourselves occupied. My dad, J.R (my dad's friend) and I drove to Ogden this morning and met my cousin Lynndsey for lunch. After lunch we went to the Weber State University homecoming game, in which Weber won 49-10 against Sacramento State! As we drove home, we stopped by Kelly's Roadhouse, a bar and grill owned by a friend of my parents. I sat in the car and talked to Jerry (he's hunting) while my dad and J.R went inside. Kelly (the owner) happened to be in the parking lot, he talked to me for a minute and before he left he said to tell my mom hi and to give her a hug. I agreed and rolled up the window. Ohhh how I wish more than anything in the world that I could give my sweet momma that hug. I just couldn't tell them that she was in Heaven. I just couldn't! After we left, we continued home while listening to 70's music, my mom's favorite. My dad leaned over and said, "You're mom's with us." I shook my head and agreed. And we both cried a little. I miss her a lot, so much, everyday.
I would like to wish my parents a very happy 22nd anniversary!

I couldn't possibly ask for any better parents.

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