Wednesday, September 16, 2009

College field trip :)

Today for our Environmental Appreciation class, Jerry and I went on a field trip (yeah I know, I didn't know there were field trips in college either), with the people from our class as well as some others. We went up into the mountains and talked about all sorts of things. We stopped many places like, Rockport Dam, The Provo River, Bald Mountain and Lilly Lake. At each place one of the teachers would teach us something, one of them taught us about Algae, another taught us about having a wilderness experience, another one taught us about regaining power and one lady taught us about the Autumn leaves. There were other lessons, all of which were quite interesting. I am glad we went. I really wish there was someway that we could preserve nature as we know it. Sadly, our environment is being ruined. What a beautiful world we live in, let's protect it. :)

Lilly Lake
Jerry. :)
Bald Mountain
My teacher.

Clouds over Coalville early this morning.

He was very compassionate about Algae.

The Provo River.

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