Thursday, March 11, 2010

Truly Blessed!

Sometimes it is so easy to get caught up in the 'life sucks, everyone's out to get me, nothing ever goes right' kind of mood. But I have found that the more positive I am, the easier it is to see the bright side of things. The easier it is the see the good out of every bad situation. The easier it is help others stay positive as well.
Life isn't all about finding WHAT in life makes you happy. It's about finding out HOW to make your self happy. I know the people in life that make me happy. I know what things in life make me happy. But I also know how to make myself happy, and in return others are happy around me.
Have you ever been out with a group of friend,and there is that one person that just hates everything that is going on and it ruins it for everyone? I hate that!
Have you ever noticed that the happiest, most positive people in life are the ones with the most challenges? There are always stories on the news about disabled people achieving miraculous tasks. The other day there was a girl on the news that climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro with a prosthetic limb. HELLO? I can't even do that with my two perfectly good real legs? I mean, I'm sure I could with, a little inspiration, a little training and a lot of faith. But, man, what an amazing person she is. I use to work at the Learning Lab at my high school, and those kids were my best friend. They always had a smile on their face and something kind to tell me. I could be having the worst day, and a horrible hair day, get a F on a test, and they were still there to tell me that I was there best friend, or that my hair looked good, or that they loved me. They are just truly special.
So why is it?
Let me tell you one of my ideas?
I think that just maybe God gave them a little extra inside. He made them perfect on the inside, even if they aren't on the outside. Maybe their brain can't do math, but they can love, and love unconditionally. Or maybe it is that they have experienced so many hardships that everyday life is truly a blessing.
I feel that I am not even getting anywhere with this.
But my point is, our day to day life is....well, not tough. It's a blessing from God, that we are here everyday. Why would we waste a day to complain, or to hate life. Why would we waste friendships on grudges. Because honestly, eventually our time is going to run out. Shouldn't we spend our time being as happy as possible? Shouldn't we smile at strangers in hopes of making new friends? Shouldn't we look past our own challenges and focus on our abilities?

No one cares if you're miserable, you might as well be happy.

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