Monday, March 22, 2010

Picture Diary

Last week was Spring Break.
I have done a lot of homework.
I don't have long for this post.
I know, I know, I'm slacking on my 'You mean a lot to me Monday' posts.
BUT only 4 weeks left of school, I should probably concentrate, a little eh?
So here is a picture diary of my last few days. :)

I still love him, that's for sure.
My dad has been tiling the basement. He's so creative.
We have been working on this room too! I can't wait until it's finished!
My room mate gave Jerry a fish for his birthday! We named him Omar. He is not from America. :) I am way more excited about him than Jerry.
Stanley has been overloaded with homework lately. ;)
Wait. Maybe that was uhm, me!
Penny bought me these daffodils. :) I love them!
I asked Jerry would love me if I looked like this? He said,"I would have never given you the chance." Feel the love?
Jerry and I celebrated St. Patrick's day with some friends. :)
Giant Drake decided he loved me.
I decided to give Stanley a bath. He looks pathetic doesn't he?
I bribed him with wet cat food. Poor guy.
Jerry decided to ride and uhm....well break, this horse the other day.
The mountains were so beautiful as I drove to Jordan's house for her bridal shower. :)
Stanley and B show a little brotherly love once in a while.
I decorated my mom's grave for Spring. I loved spending time alone with her. :)
Jerry turned 21!!
And......Maddie took a liking to Jerry.
Happy Monday!

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