Friday, March 5, 2010

Dorm Sweet Dorm

I decided to clean my apartment/dorm today, and I realized that I really am glad that I got to live on campus for these 2 years . I won't be living in the dorms next year because Jerry and I are going to get our own apartment. I started thinking about how I don't have any pictures of my dorm. I want some pictures so that some day when I'm old, telling my kids about my experience at college, I can show them some pictures. And I would just like to have some to have as a keep sake. A lot has happened as I have lived her. Lots of good things, and even a few bad things. All in all, this has been my home, and I have learned so much while I have been here.

And in case any of you have ever wondered, where I live I thought I would give you a little tour.

This is our kitchen. The door leads to the hallway that connects all of the apartments together. We don't have a lot of storage space, so Tiffany and I have our own little cupboards. Mine is on the right side. :)
This is our living room. I don't spend much time in there because I have my own TV in my room, and my bed is much more comfortable than the couch.
This is mine and Tyanne's bathroom. Pretty average eh?
This is my room! We all have the letters on our door with our names on them. I got them for my room mates and I the day we moved in.
This is my desk. Jerry usually sits here, and I sit on my bed. I made the bulletin board above my desk, and it has really come in handy. :)
This is my bed. It has a really great view of the beautiful Wasatch Mountains. Above my bed it says, "Believe in the beauty of your dreams." This has a lot of meaning to me. :)
This is the view from my bed room window today. It's been snowy all day. The mountains are sure beautiful though huh?

Well that's it. It's not much, but it has my home for the last 2 years. A lot of great memories have been made here. Like the time Jerry whaked my head on the wall. Or the time that Jerry and my roommates were doing heel clicks in our living room and the people below us complained and we got in trouble. :)

I hope you enjoyed the online tour! :)

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