Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spring Fever!

Is it just me...or does everyone have Spring Fever right about now?

I know that these last couple of nice days are just a tease. It's possible that it could snow at any minute. ay.ay.ay.

But I'm ready to go to Bear Lake, wear a sun dress and eat otter pops while watching Kobie play baseball.

I want to go out on the boat, go camping and swim in an outdoor pool.

I want to drive to the beach in my jeep with the roof off. I want to have water balloon fight and eat juicy watermelon.

I want to be one semester closer to graduating.

I want to walk out in the grass bare foot and plant a garden.

I want to see my family, have a picnic, and finally meet my new little niece, Kimber!

I want to go for walks in the park and ride a tube down the river.

I want to sit on the roof and watch fireworks go off.

I just can't wait for Winter to turn to Spring, and Spring to Summer.

What about you? Would you prefer a little more snow? Or a lot more sun?!

What are you anxious for this summer?

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  1. A lot more sun, of course. But we live in Wyoming, and the weather pretty much always sucks, even in the Summer. I guess I've just become jaded and never expect good weather here anymore. I liked this post though.

  2. cute post! I have decided that the weather needs to quit teasing us. I am ready for the summer time!

  3. i just simply love my COley.. i couldnt ask for a better friend.. and i think im having seperation anxiety from you.. haha.. i just wanna cry all the time.. maybe its this pregnancy lol.. but we need to get together more.. its been toooo long already! just remember that i love u and i think of ya all the time! i hope you're doing good.. and i hope ur cat loved his bath :) lets go camping this summer together!!! it'd be fun! i'd love to go with you.. and i'll even go to the beach in ur jeep with you! :) fat and prego who cares! haha..

  4. It may just all be a tease of Spring, but it's worth it....I will take any sunny day I can get around this time of year. It certainely brightens my day to get a taste of warmth and beautiful sunshine. Thank you for posting the beautiful pictures.