Sunday, December 6, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like Chistmas!

Friday Jerry and I went to Salt Lake to go to Modern Display before heading home. It is such a cool store!! They have the prettiest Christmas decorations and lights!! We bought some and then headed home. Once we got home, Jerry and I decorated my mom's grave. It turned out so pretty, but I would still like to get some solar powered lights to put up...we haven't been able to find any yet.

We ate dinner with Bart, Rani, Tayler and her boyfriend. Played a little poker and then we went to my cousins GED graduation. He was the Salvadorian, and we are very proud of him.
After the graduation we went back to Bart and Rani's for some more poker. I won one round and Rani won the rest!
My dad had asked me earlier that day to make something for the V.F.W bake sale that was going to be on Saturday. I didn't get home till around one in the morning and I began baking. I made way more than I had ever planned. I made Lemon Poppy Seed Muffins, Giant Honey CornBread Muffins and Jalapeno Corn Bread Muffins. I felt it was for a good cause, and I hope it helped them out some.
Saturday, my dad, Penny and I went up in the mountains to cut down a Christmas Tree. We walked FOREVER! Finally we found a giant beautiful tree. My dad wasted no time, and soon enough we were back at the truck and loading up the tree. We ate lunch together and then headed home to decorate!
My mom and I use to decorate the inside while my dad decorated the outside. Last year my friend Katie helped me decorate the was such a hard time for me, I think that Christmas just happened to be my rebellion against my mom's death. I decorated the tree with red lights, even though my mom and I had been decorating our tree with purple lights for the last ten years. I hated the tree last year.!
This year, I decorated the inside for the most part alone. I wanted to make it exactly the way my mom did. I put so many lights on the tree, I wanted it to be perfect. I hung all ornaments and put bows on the ends of the branches. I think it turned out so beautiful. But, it was hard! I cried while decorating the tree alone, because it use to be such a special time for my mom and I. Finally Jerry came over and helped me decorate everything else. I began putting all of our special Christmas decorations on to the mantle, and began hanging some stringed pine cones that my mom always had on the mantle. Somehow the pine cones pulled everything else off the mantle, and it all came crashing down. Glass flew everywhere, and I tried so hard to hold my tears in. Luckily only two things broke. But it killed me inside as my mom's precious decorations broke. One of the items was a mouse sitting in front a fire place that had a candle holder in the back, it shattered in a million pieces. I picked up all the pieces and put it back together in hopes that I could super glue it back together. The other was a Santa music box and it broke in three pieces and it will easily be glued back together. This morning my dad threw away all of the broken pieces to the mouse and the fireplace, he told me there is no way we could possibly glue all of the pieces back together. I was heart broken. Jerry was so sweet, and told me he would fix the Santa music box. Jerry also helped me by decorating the stairway railing. He spent a lot of time on it and it turned out very pretty.
Even Stanley was in the Christmas mood. He loved this tiny stocking
The railing, the tree and the mantle.
Pretty Tree and Mickey and Minne!
Today, my dad, Penny, Maddie (Penny's daughter), Jerry and I all ate a big breakfast and dinner together. I am so thankful to have them in my life. I couldn't possibly make it without them. We also put up some more decorations outside and it was a freezing five degrees!!! So cold!! This is the last week of school before Christmas break. I have two finals, and then I am home free! I can't wait. Wish me luck on my math and political science finals. I can't wait to be home with my dad and to celebrate Christmas with everyone who means so much to me! I will be working at the court house over the break, that'll be fun! I hope Christmas is showing up at your house. Tonight it is about 10 degrees in Ogden and the snow will be here soon! :)

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  1. Hi Nicole!
    So nice to meet you! Your blog is so cute! Cheers to Weber State!

    I'm so sorry aboyt your mother. I have lost my Mother also. It's hard, I know, especially through the Christmas Holidays. My heart goes out to you. Sweet Hugs and blessings to you!

    Your Mothers grave is beautiful-you did a great job! I found Solar lights at Costco! I know They are hard to find this time of year.

    Christmas BLessings to you! Come visit anytime!
    Deck The Halls Of Home With JOY!