Saturday, June 13, 2009

Your car is on....FIRE!?!

Yesterday after getting off work I headed to Jerry's house. He was outside working on his car (nothing abnormal for Jerry) and he said he was about done. I got in the drivers seat because it was cold outside. I just messed around with the stuff in his car, then he got in the passenger's seat and told me to go to Auto Zone. He wanted to get some more pipe for his cold air intake, or something like that. I don't normally drive Jerry's car because he is so protective of it. As we got going down the road I said, "Can you smell that?" Jerry said, "Yeah, smells like plastics burning." About three minutes later Jerry rolled down his window, and I said, "Seriously! Smell that? Should we pull over?" Jerry, obviously not as worried as I was said, "Nah, we'll make it to Auto Zone." I thought he knew what he was talking about. Then I heard something and turned down the radio, about that time black smoke started pouring out of the hood. So we pulled into the ball fields where I didn't know how to open the hood. Once the hood was opened...there were FLAMES! It was so scary, luckily Jerry's step dad was at the ball fields, who also happens to be a fire fighter. I thought for sure that he would have fire extinguisher, what fire man doesn't? Well he didn't, they started using MY blanket to hit it, but it kept burning. By this time there were about 15 kids from the skate park surrounding the car. Luckily one of the boys brought a Monster Energy Drink and they poured it on the fire. Oh and I forgot one thing, the whole time this annoying lady was asking me if she should call the fire department. So finally she called them, but we later canceled the call. Of course Evanston Police showed up; they have nothing better to do.

Jeff, Jerry's step dad towed him home. Jerry was so grumpy. And I don't blame him. He loves his car. But why did I have to be driving when it started on fire??

To finish off our Friday night we played pool with my dad, ate dinner with him. And ended the night by visiting Jerry's grandma, uncle and sleeping cousin. We were in bed by 11. We're quite lame, I know.

So as a result of the car fire, we are going to Salt Lake today to buy some parts. Woo hoo. lol Another day looking at car crap. haha.

I hope your Friday night was better than ours. =]

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