Monday, June 15, 2009


When I think of Summer I think of sun, the beach, friends, late nights, sleeping in and most of all FUN! But my summer has turned into, rain, online classes, early bed times, waking up early, work, more rain, no friends?, homework, textbooks and more rain! Not the summer I was hoping for. I'm going to have to change this.

*Seriously, is it ever going to stop raining?? I'm moving.
*Work..bleh. I want a steady pay check without working. On plus side I get every other Friday off, paid!
*I'm so tired most nights I go to bed before 10pm.
*Online classes are kicking my butt, way hard!
*I have barely seen any of my friends. :( I miss them!
* Waking up early to run....who's idea was that?!?
*Reading Political Science textbook = boring!
*Sociology textbook = quite interesting. But I'd rather be playing.

I was really trying hard to graduate a year early from college so that I could graduate with Jerry. So in an attempt to get ahead I decided to take online classes over the summer. Not a lot, 2 classes = 6 credit hours. So for the past three weeks I have been wasting precious summer reading books and writing on a discussion board. I took these classes through Western Wyoming Community College because I thought they would be easier and much cheaper. They were definitely cheaper, about $50o less! But way!! In Political Science I have about 20 assignments to do each week and about 10 assignments in Sociology. That is ridiculous! I'm suppose to be on Summer break. THEN last week my advisor emailed me telling me that I can apply for the teaching program this Fall! yay! =) But I found out that the last semester of the teaching program is all student teaching meaning I will graduate a semester after Jerry because I can't student teach during the summer. So why am I taking these summer classes then?? Well who really knows? I'll be a semester ahead I guess.

Haha. Well the point of this is, I'm ready for a REAL summer break!
Friends, please call me so we can hang out. I miss you.
Rain go away! Really!

In other news:
*Flying J closed it's restaurant, how sad. :( I spent a lot of time there, and I love those ladies!
*Brett moved to Cheyenne.
*We went Fishing on our boat yesterday. We forgot the plug and almost sunk it. No fish. RAIN, stupid rain, it was freezing!
*Played BINGO yesterday, I didn't win.
*Played pool yesterday, I think I won once. Which is a big accomplishment for me.
*Jon and Kate from Jon and Kate plus 8 are getting a divorce? No way!

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