Monday, June 22, 2009

The bug!

My grandpa bought a 1963 bug when the price of gas went up to something around 40 cents. In 1996 when my grandpa died, my mom inherited it, and it has been sitting in our garage since. A few years after he died my parents got it panted a pretty purple color with intentions of fixing it up. But it sat in the garage for years. After my mom passed away my dad started working on the Bug to keep himself busy. He wanted to get it finished by June 17th, my mom's birthday. Well, it's done! And only a few days overdue. My dad, Jerry and his brothers worked on putting the windows in yesterday. They finally got them in, but cracked the front windshield (we're gonna fix it asap.) After we got it all together, my dad backed it out of the garage and they washed and waxed it. It looks so good, but so so tiny. I can't believe how little it is. Now we are just waiting for new wheels and a new windshield.

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