Monday, November 9, 2009


Riding in the car while Jerry drove. The sun was so bright, and I forgot sun glasses.
Last Tuesday Jerry, my dad, Taylor, Penny and I headed to Vegas for a HUGE car show. It's called SEMA and it is one of the largest car shows in America. There were so many cars there. We spent all day there Wednesday and Thursday. We saw so many cars! It was really pretty cool, and Jerry and Taylor especially enjoyed it. Personally I rather spend my time elsewhere. Nonetheless, it was an experience that not a lot of people can say they experienced, mostly because only a select few people are able to go. We were able to get tickets because Jerry is an automotive student and SEMA was offering the tickets to the auto students at Weber. Luckily we all sort of *snuck* in. :) While in Vegas we did a lot of other things, we celebrated Taylor's 18th birthday, we went to an oxygen bar, ate at nice restaurants, saw the Lions at the MGM, won a thousand tickets at an arcade, laughed really hard and got A LOT of free stuff. It was so much fun, and I am glad we went. I got to spend some extra time with my dad, and I got to get to know Penny better. On the way home my dad and Penny hit a deer. :( Hopefully she can get her car fixed soon....darn deer. The only down fall of the whole trip SO much homework. I'm getting a little nervous because we don't have much longer left in the semester, only about four weeks. :S But I know we'll be okay, I'll be okay. I always seem to pull it together at the last minute. :) Luckily!

The lion at the MGM. So so cute!

Grumpy Taylor.

HUGE truck!

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