Monday, November 30, 2009


Whew, we are finally back from Oregon! My dad, my sister, Jerry, my uncle and three of my cousins began our trek to Oregon last Wednesday, and stayed there until yesterday. It was so much! I am so glad that we were all able to get together and catch up. Let me tell you about some of the memories we made.
First of all, we took lots of pictures. This lead to the hilarious discovery of Max's (my cousin's dog) obsession with the light from the camera. He would jump for the camera, plow his nose into the carpet and beg like a seal. He is so cute!! And I will post pictures soon of him!!
Next, my sister and I found out that we have the ability to make Thanksgiving dinner. With the help from our Aunt Kim and Aunt Sherida the dinner turned out so delicious!
We played Phase Ten a million times. And we even played a new game, was a lot of fun!
We looked at my Aunt Kim's scrapbooks to remind us of all our memories of the past. We all squished together in the living room to watch a movie. We ate turkey sandwiches, visited my grandparent's grave and loved every minute together.
The time for us to leave came quickly. Jerry and I are back at school and we only have a week and three days until Christmas break!!! Oh I can't wait! There is so much to do, including five test, 1 quiz and a few assignments! Ay ay ay! But I'll get through it! I can't wait until Christmas break, and this weekend we will be putting up our Christmas tree!!!! :) I've been looking forward to it since Halloween! No joke! I hope that you have found yourself as thankful as I have this Thanksgiving!! Pictures are soon to come!!!

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