Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Our Wedding

Jerry and I have began planning our wedding.

Last weekend we went Grand Targhee Resort to look around. We loved it!

We have decided that it is going to be the place!

We were hoping to get married in June, but we found out that there would be too much snow in June. So we decided on July 7th, but when I emailed the guy, he said that there was already a wedding scheduled for that day. Now we are waiting to hear back from him on the other dates that we will be able to plan for sure.

Look how beautiful!

I have been trying to pick colors for the wedding, but I have been having a hard time. And Jerry isn't any help, sometimes he has a giant opinion, and other times he doesn't care at all. I'm not sure what I would prefer.

As of now, I have it down to two options, tell me what you think.

Option number one-

Everyone wears black and white. Center pieces and flowers will be pink and green, like this. :)

Option number two-

Neutral colors like brown and tan, with a light pink. More like this.....

Image #74184

Image #74207

Well tell me, what do you think?

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  1. Grand Targhee is awesome! i've been skiing there a bunch of times, it's so beautiful in the winter and i bet it's even prettier in the summer. I like color option numero uno myself