Wednesday, July 27, 2011


His name was Oliver B. Oxen Free. You know, Ollie Ollie Oxen Free?

But we called him B.

It was Christmas time, when I was fifteen years old. My mom kept telling me that she was getting the best Christmas present for me! I knew that she had been looking on the internet, so I spied and looked online. The site that she was on was KSL. I could only wonder what special Christmas present that I would be getting from KSL, the possibilities were endless.

On Christmas eve my mom, dad and Richard drove to Provo, UT to pick up my special gift. That night when my mom got home, she called and told me to come see my present, I thought I was getting a car! I walked out of my room to find a tiny kitten in a wicker basket.

He was a pure bred Siamese cat. The cutest little kitty I had ever seen. I was so excited, my very own cat. I considered many names for him, Oswald, Harry, Theodore but finally, my mom and I picked Oliver.

I love him more than anything! I would sleep with him, and cry with him. And my mom would ask him, "B, you want a sagey? (massage) He would run to her bed and roll over. My mom would give him a neck massage as he laid on his back. He loved her and she loved him.

When I left for college, leaving Oliver and Stanley was just as hard as leaving my parents. My mom would send me pictures of the cats laying on my bed.

Unfortunately, today 7 years later, my dad called to tell me that he had found B dead. :( I was devastated, and could only think of B bonking his head on the coffee table as he always did. I thought about his cute little meow, and the way he would nudge me to pet him.

I loved that cat, almost as much as I love Jerry. I am going to miss him, but I can picture my mom giving B a massage in Heaven.

I'm going to miss you Oliver B, I love you kitty cat!

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