Monday, May 23, 2011

We Build Our Life

We are born, and from that point forward, we live to survive. Everything we do, is to stay alive. we help others, stay alive. We raise children, and keep them alive.

Yet there is more to this life other than living, other than keep our self alive, there is more than keeping our body healthy. And maybe it is because as humans, we are intelligent enough to feel love, to work hard, to create relationships, to have faith, to believe and to remember. We aren't a bug in the wind hoping to miss the next windshield on the interstate, if only bugs spend time to hope at all.

We remember our past, think of our future, work hard to create something out of this life....something worth remembering, worth looking forward to.

We spend countless hours living a life that may be minimal compared to what lies ahead of us after we die. If we spend eternity in heaven, our time in this place is minuscule.

Yet we spend so much time preparing for what is a 'perfect life' and what makes us happy.

And too often, we work for what is easy, for the things that makes us feel at ease. We try everyday to forget the things that make our heart hurt. We store in the back of our mind natural disasters on the other side of the world, lies that we should have never told, forgotten friends, loss of family, loss of faith and loss of self.

We spend so much of our time trying to make our self happy, but happiness is no more than the chance to live another day. The opportunity, as intelligent human beings, to love those who support us, stand by us.

Happiness is having someone by your side, keeping you alive. Someone who cares enough to see to it that you eat, that you sleep, that you wake up every morning to live another day. Happiness is living.

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