Thursday, June 17, 2010

Happy Birthday To My Sweet Momma!

Today started out normal, because after all it is just another day.

But is it? I mean, 52 years ago today, my momma was born. And that day changed my life, of course, because if she wasn't born I wouldn't have been either. But she changed my life in so many more ways than just that.

She was my best friend, she was my advocate, she listened and believed in me. She taught me to love, she taught me to cook, she made me who I am. She was my mom. I'm not sure that anyone will ever understand me the way she does. She truly cherished everyday. She always let me know that she loved me. She could always make me laugh. I have never been so close to anyone else in my life, and I probably never will be.

But just because she has left my this earth, she isn't out of my world, she isn't out of my life, and she most definitely isn't out of my thoughts. I know exactly how she would respond to every situation, I guess that just comes from knowing her so well. I still talk to her daily, I still feel her, and I still learn from her. I still have the best memories to cherish.

If I were to ask God to explain, maybe he would say, "I needed her more." "I gave you a life time worth of memories in 19 years." or maybe he would say, "You will see her again some day, and it will be as if she never left." I much more believe in the third possibility.

The fact is, she is not physically here, I have come to accept that, as hard as it was. But I know, that her spirit is never far. And I feel peace knowing that.

I was so lucky to have my sweet Mom on this earth with me for 19 years. And forever in my heart.

Happy birthday sweet mom! You are the most beautiful angel, the most perfect mom, and the worlds best friend. Thank you for all that you have given me.

To celebrate her birthday I will be making stuffed bell peppers for dinner. She taught me how to make them. :D

**Proof she's here: Today while I was coming from work on my break, my radio wouldn't work. So I pushed play on my CD player, I never listen to it, because I always have the radio on, I don't even know the last time I listened to a CD. Anyway, I pushed play, and loudly, John Mayer began playing. My mom and I LOVE John Mayer. I can remember the first time we heard the song, we were on our way to Salt Lake. But they didn't say who the song was by, a few days later, my mom heard the song again, and she called the radio station to see who the artist was. What are the chances that my radio wouldn't work, on her birthday, and that John Mayer was in the CD player? She was there.


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