Thursday, June 10, 2010

As the tulips bloom, the birds chirp, the fresh air blows ...

There are millions of reason why I love Summer time.

As I drove to Ogden the other day, I thought, no wonder God created seasons. He created them so that we could appreciate the change. I always love summer after a cold long winter, but after Summer, I get anxious for Fall and a snowy Winter. It's a fresh start, it's a new portrait, it's a makeover, it's a new beginning, and we are forever reminded to appreciate all that we have been given.

I love it when the mountains are covered in snow, yet the hills below are covered in fresh green grass.

I love painting my toe nails and wearing flip flops!

I love eating ice cream on a hot day!

I am thankful that I can decorate my Mom's grave with beautiful flowers, and spend time alone with her, talking, in the beautiful sun.

I love the baby animals that are scattered along the country side.

I love the fresh breeze that blows through my window on the days that it is warm enough to roll down the windows.

I love planting a garden and watching it grow.

I love sitting on the porch and enjoying the company of those I love most.

I am thankful for this beautiful season.

I love the blooming plants, flowers, grass and tress.

I am thankful for the colorful sunsets, that remind me of my beautiful momma.

I am thankful for the rain followed by rainbows and the fresh smell of the wet dirt.

I hope that you are enjoying your summer as much as I am enjoying mine.

Jerry just said to me, "Let's go." I asked, "Where?" He said, "I have reservations for dinner."

I know what you're thinking.....what a sweet guy.

Unfortunately, he then said, "Just kidding." Rude huh? He just tried using that little trick to get my on the computer faster. Ha! I think he owes me dinner, don't you?

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  1. I love the different seasons, too, which is why I hate Wyoming. It's just winter for nine months, and then I wouldn't call our summer summer so much as spring. I mean, never getting above 80, that's much more like spring weather. But it doesn't come until July. I can't remember what city you're in, but here in Evanston it's like 35 degrees today. Bleh.

    Oh, and Jerry totally owes you dinner. Lol.