Sunday, April 17, 2011

Back to Blogging

Well, I'm afraid to admit, I may never finish the 30 day photo challenge. It requires a lot of energy and commitment, how pathetic am I?

Well, nonetheless, tomorrow is the first day of finals week. I have been finding every excuse not to study. I have made peanut butter cookies, redesigned my blog, made banana bread, took a nap, convinced my self that I didn't need to study because I have all week, and finally now, I am writing a new blog post. I may regret that decision later this week, but for now, it seems to be okay. :)

I am looking forward to the upcoming days, weeks and months. My aunts and cousins will be here this week, for my cousin's graduation, and I can't wait to see them. I will be one semester closer to the end of the semester by Friday. And I look forward to all that summer will bring.

I hope that as the semester ends, I will have the opportunity to relax more, and hopefully that means that I will blog more. :)

Happy Sunday night my friends!

Jerry and I are watching the Wizard of Oz. :)

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