Thursday, October 7, 2010

DO a good weekend.

Since the beginning of the semester, every Thursday (because we don't have class on Fridays) one of my teachers has been telling my class, "Do a good weekend." I always just thought, "hmmm that's dumb. Have a good weekend teach!" Haha...but then today I thought to myself, 'why does he say that'? So that got me thinking...

We always tell each other, "Have a good day!" "Have a good weekend." "Have a good day at school" But what will cause us to 'have' a good weekend? There isn't a promise out there that our weekend will be good. There isn't a guarantee, there isn't any assurance, or security or warranty. There is no one else out there that is going to ensure your 'good weekend'. But instead, we should "Do a good weekend."

We should [do] everything in our power to ensure that we have a good [do] a good weekend.

Nothing in life is guaranteed, and we, ourself, should make our life enjoyable, to make it good.

To have a good life, we should do a good life. What does it mean to have a good life? To be happy? To have money? To make a difference in someone's life? All of which won't happen without action. Without a verb... [do] We must do, we must work, we must attempt, strive and sacrifice.

So [do] a good weekend, would you?

Do you know what I am going to [do] this weekend?

Jerry and I are going golfing with Bart and Rani. But first I am cleaning the highway, with Golden Key Honour Society. So if you see me on the side of I-84 between mile markers 101-103, wave, or even stop by and pick up a little trash, or at the very least, please refrain yourself from disposing of your trash at that point. :) I think we will finish off our weekend with a few chores and homework.

Do a good weekend my friends!

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